Looking for a new holiday destination, approximately for a week? Bored with Asian countries or European adventures? It’s time for you to step in Tanzania, another phase of the world. Are you a wildlife and nature lover? Then, you’re in the right place! Redwood Safari Expeditions has all the needs to fulfil your satisfaction.

Redwood Safari Expeditions is a really an experienced Tour Company situated in Arusha, Tanzania, This expeditions are one of the world’s entryway to the Wild and excellent untamed wilderness.

This expedition grew up out of our adoration for natural life and nature where most of the unknown creatures can be found here.

Furthermore, we began with a dream to impart our beautiful Tanzania a delightful land and natural life to whatever remains of the world. This has developed into an undertaking organization that empowering to impart our untamed world to people.

Furthermore, we offer customized private African safaris and Mountain treks in a one of a kind window into the scene, untamed life and culture of this remarkable Region.

Why Redwood Safari Expeditions became one of the tourist spots in East Africa?  

Most of us aware that people of Tanzania we really love our territory. We value the tourists’ presence to our land and give unforgettable experienced Safaris and Mountain trekking. This is not only for sales gimmick but it’s our nature to greet people in such manner way. Despite that, we are capable of our experience while going with Redwood Safari Expeditions.

Apart from Wildlife and nature expenditure with family or friends, Redwood Safari Expeditions also offer a newlywed couple a different way to start their life together. How? This is via special honeymoon safari, a beach holiday in our wonderful coasts with immaculate shorelines or a trek to Africa’s most astounding pinnacle Mount Kilimanjaro. You will have this place as the best place and moment together with some adventures and memories.

Why one should choose us?

We are extremely pleased to share with you our excellent individuals, land, nature and wildlife with whatever remains of the world. We also offer customized private African safaris and Mountain trekking that will be altered according to your necessities and give you unforgettable moments and activities. This is why Redwood Safari Expeditions are nominated and successfully represented on Safari Bookings and TripAdvisor.

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, we organised a orchestrate private wedding trip safaris, beach occasions in Zanzibar in wonderful coasts with perfect beaches and trek to Africa’s most elevated pinnacle Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s time for you think off to start your new life in the lovely Nature of Tanzania. Despite that, our safari and mountain guides are experts, gifted and normal experienced in safaris and mountain climbing. This will give you the delight and happiness all through your trip.


Feel like flying to Tanzania right away? What you’re waiting for? Converse with the team about your fantasy African experience. We’ll make it worked out as expected. Redwood Safari Expeditions will provide the best facilities and best safari tour that you love the most.

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